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Anna's Baubles by Anna Hogenkamp
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A Gift-

I love painting other's homes. I feel that being able to paint and reflect the warmth of a house is a gift given to me. Each time I paint a home, I think of the memories and lives that are encompassed there.
I have no formal training in painting, but a sense of what works well. Many times I feel that I am possessed while painting. Those who are close to me are still astonished at this newly found talent.
How did Anna get into Jewelry??

After over a decade of working in pharmaceutical sales, I decided it was time to chill and spend more time at home with Jacob and Beth. In 2000, I had terrible back pain and was bed-ridden for a time. As many of you know, I am not a type b personality. I'm quite the type A motivated individual. So while I was in a drug fog- I took up Jewelry making for myself and later for others. That started Anna's Baubles.
Anna and Friends at Kentlands
Anna, Chris and Mom

How did Anna start painting?

In January 2002, motivated by Trading Spaces, I redid my bedroom and bath. I always thought that a mural would look excellent in the bath- so I painted a topiary and bird mural. Harry and others were pleasantly surprised at the outcome. So I tried my hand at painting on canvases. I continued to amaze myself. The painting just came to me as if I was possessed. In February, I painted a canvas of my house with the kids out front walking the dog. By word of mouth, my commissions started.