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Washingtonian Woods Waves
Week of 6/20
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Just a couple of things about what is happening this week:
VANDALISM -- The pool was vandalised again last night.  Significant damage which will require extra time for the guards and management company to clean up.  The pool will not open until 2:00 today.  We still plan on having practice this afternoon (typical times) if the pool does open.  On this note.  If you or your neighbors happen to see any suspecious person or persons at the pool after the pool has closed, please call the police and report it.  The vandalism is getting worse each time.  If this would have happened this Friday before our Saturday meet, we could not have had the meet.
WEDNESDAY Night B meet -- At home against Twinbrooke.  The meet will start at 6:00.  Our warm ups begin at 5:00 so please have your swimmer there on time.  If you have not already told Lindsey and me that your swimmer is not available, please let us know now.  The theme for the meet is:  PREPPY
SATURDAY A meet -- At home against Twinbrooke.  If you swimmer is not available and you have not told us yet, please do.
SUNDAY Relay Carnival -- At West Hillandale.  Again, if your swimmer is not available, please let us know.
Mary Alice

We need to know who is not available for the Relay Carnival on Sunday morning, July 11th.  I don’t have my list with me, so I apologize if you already told me.  Please respond again, that would be greatly appreciated.  For those that don’t know what a Relay Carnival is, it is a meet with all the team (6 in total) in our Division and we race against each other in relays.  This is a structured event and there are specific relays we do with specified age groups.  It is a lot of fun and very crazy meet.  We need to have a certain number of swimmers to fill each relay, so it is very important for us to know who can and can not make it so Lindsey and Scott can make up those relays.- Mary Alice

NEW!!! We are on FACEBOOK.  Contact Anna Hogenkamp on Facebook to become a member.

We are also looking for team sponsors.  Attached is a sponsor form.  Want to reduce your cost for joining the team?  We are offering a 50 percent reduction in registration cost if you get a sponsor for our team.  Contact Danielle Meyers for more information on sponsorship.


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