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Washingtonian Woods Waves
July 5
Week of 6/20
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Volunteer assignments are posted below- Caution! They are not regularly updated!! If you need an update please contact Marcie

July 5th HOME



Team Rep        Mary Alice Spivey


Referee: One for each meet*     Rob Wolf


Stroke and Turn:  3 for each meet*      

1          Mark Starnes

2          Rob Montgomery

3          Don Campbell


Clerk of Course: 1 for each meet          Risa Levenson


Announcer: 1 for home meets    Marnie Gold


Head Timer:     Mike Ritchie


Assistant Head Timer    Stacy Hunt


Computer Operator: 2 for each HOME meet, 1 for away meets           

1          NEED ONE

2          NEED ONE

Set up meet: 2 for home meets 

1          Grace Chang

2          Agrawal

Ribbon writer:2

1          Kim Dalin

2          Sally Kramer

Runners: 2 for each HOME meet         

1          Tracy Starnes

2          NEED ONE

Banners            NEED ONE

Hospitality        Susan Feidelman

Timers: 9 Needed        

1          Michael Feidelman

2          Shirley Riggsbee

3          Carolyn Messitte

4          Yasamin Esmali

5          Kathy Campbell

6          NEED ONE

7          NEED ONE

8          NEED ONE

9          NEED ONE

Line Up:           NEED ONE

Raffle:   NEED ONE

Concessions: 2 for home meet  

1          Kevin Lange

2          Grace Chang

Back Up Volunteer       NONE